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  八巻 隆
   Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Adachi Medical Center), School of Medicine  
   Position   Professor
■ Books
1. Chapter contribution  Evaluation of chronic venous diseases using near-infrared spectroscopy., Tips and Tricks in Angiology 2016
2. Editor / Supervisor  Combination of pretest clinical probability score and different D-dimer cutoff value for exclusion of venous thromboembolism., Deep Vein Thrombosis: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments. 2012/12
3. Chapter contribution  Treatment of varicose veins by ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy., Varicose Veins: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments. 2011/12
4. Chapter contribution  Venous insufficiency., Encyclopedia of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease 2009
5. Chapter contribution  Efficacy of polidocanol-foam compared with polidocanol-liquid in
sclerotherapy of venous insufficiency., Foam Sclerotherapy 2008/08
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■ Published papers
1. Original article  Fake-news-free evidence-based communication for proper vein-lymphatic disease management 2023/03/17
2. Case report  A case of traumatic intractable leg ulcer with lymphorrhea diagnosed using ICG lymphography. 2021/03/23
3. Original article  Application of the caprini risk assessment model for evaluating postoperative deep vein thrombosis in patients undergoing plastic and reconstructive surgery. 2020/05
4. Original article  Japanese Endovenous Ablation Committee for Varicose Veins. Venous thromboembolism complications after endovenous laser ablation for varicose veins and role of duplex ultrasound scan. 2019/09/17
5. Review article  Changing Trend in Endovenous Laser Treatment of Lower Extremities - From the Viewpoint of The Japanese Committee for Endovenous Laser Treatment - 2019/08
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. Deep vein thrombosis and inflammation, microcirculation, and influence of compression​.  2022/10/15
2. Noninvasive near-infrared spectroscopic evaluation of calf muscle oxygenation in patients with advanced chronic venous insufficiency associated with tricuspid regurgitation.  2021/09/07
3. Similarities & controversies in global guidelines on sclerotherapy  2020/12/04
4. Time taken to the maximum increase in the oxygenated hemoglobin level in calf muscle as a predictor of post-thrombotic syndrome  2020/08/28
5. Deep vein thrombosis and inflammation, microcirculation, and influence of compression  2019/10/26
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■ Social activities
1. 2021/12~2021/12 Advances in C ompreHensIvE Venous Education-Lymphedema management Discussant
2. 2021/09~2021/09 Buenos Aires 2021 Congress "Interuniversity Session" Discussant
3. 2021/04~2021/04 Sophia Project Discussant
4. 2021/01~2021/01 Pelvic venous disorders Online Project Discussant
5. 2021/01~2021/01 VENOUS UPDATES From China to the World & Back Discussant
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■ Committee memberships
1. 2017/04~2018/02 UIP 2018 Ammbassador, XVIII World Congress of the International Union of Phlebology - UIP 2018 Member Link
2. 2017 Abstract Committee, VI International Inter-University Meeting in Phlebology, Lymphology and Aesthetics Member
3. 2017~ Member, Special Committee on UIP Consensus for contraindication to sclerotherapy Member
4. 2016~ Distinguished Fellow, American Venous Forum Member Link
5. 2015~ International Committee, American Venous Forum Board Member Link
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■ Awards & honors
1. 2012/11 Gold Abstract Award, 26th Annual Congress of the American College of Phlebology
2. 2010/11 Platinum Abstract Award, 24th Annual Congress of the American College of Plebology
3. 2010/07 The Best Venous Presentation Award, The 5th Asian Venous Forum
4. 2007/11 Gold Abstract Award, 21st Annual Congress of the American College of Phlebology
5. 2006/02 Sigvaris Travel Fellowship Award, 18th Annual Meeting of the American Venous Forum
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■ Academic society memberships
1. 2012~ Australasian College of Phlebology
2. 2012~ ∟ Honorary Fellow
3. 2006~ American Venous Forum
4. 2015~ ∟ Member, International Committee
5. 2016/02~ ∟ Distinguished Fellow
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■ Education
1. 2002/01
Degree Acquisition
Tokyo Women's Medical University,
2. 1982/04~1988/03 Graduate School, Division of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Kagoshima University, Graduated