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  藤枝 弘樹
   Department   School of Medicine, School of Medicine  Department of Anatomy, Division of Anatomy and Neurobiology
   Position   Professor and Division head
■ Published papers
1. Original article  Effects of different alkylating agents on photoreceptor degeneration and proliferative response of Müller glia 2024/01/02
2. Original article  Cell cycle-dependent activation of proneural transcription factor expression and reactive gliosis in rat Müller glia 2023/12/19
3. Original article  Nestin Regulates Müller Glia Proliferation After Retinal Injury 2023/11
4. Original article  Age- and cell cycle-related expression patterns of transcription factors and cell cycle regulators in Müller glia 2022/11/15
5. Original article  Phosphatidylserine recognition and Rac1 activation are required for Müller glia proliferation, gliosis and phagocytosis after retinal injury 2020/01/30
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. Notch activation is required for proliferation of Mueller glia in mammalian injured retina.  2023/12/06
2. Phosphatidylserine recognition is required for the cell cycle reentry of Müller glia  2021/03/28
3. The phagocytic and proliferative responses of Müller glia after retinal injury are driven by a shared mechanism in rat.  2019/10/21
4. Choriocapillaris during MNU-induced photoreceptor cell degeneration in mice  2018/03/29
5. Cell cycle reentry and DNA damage response of Müller glia after retinal injury  2016/09/26
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■ Research areas
Anatomy, Ophthalmology 
■ Education
1. Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Graduated
2. 〔Doctoral course〕, Graduate School, Division of Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Completed