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  SUZUKI Kazufumi
   Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital), School of Medicine  Department of Radiology, Division of Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Books
1. Chapter contribution  IX. Diagnostic imaging; aute ischemic stroke; CT perfusion「日本臨床 72巻増刊号5 最新臨床脳卒中学(上)」 2014/07
■ Published papers
1. Original article  Defining juxtapapillary diverticulum with 3D segmented trueFISP MRCP: comparison with conventional MRCP sequences with an oral negative contrast agent 2009/12
2. Original article  Noncontact measurement of puncture needle angle using augmented reality technology in computed tomography-guided biopsy: stereotactic coordinate design and accuracy evaluation 2022/02/22
3. Case report  Aortic dissection diagnosed on stroke computed tomography protocol: a case report 2021/05/26
4. Original article  Learning effectiveness of using augmented reality technology in central venous access procedure: an experiment using phantom and head-mounted display. 2021/04/16
5. Review article  Sylvian hematoma assessed with 4D CT 2021/01
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. Assessment of Advanced optic nerve DWI: motion-compensated IRIS combined with motion-compensated motion probing gradient  2021/09/10
2. Accuracy verification of new Needle Angle Measurement application using Augmented Reality technology  2021/04/17
3. Accuracy of Needle Puncture Under Augmented Reality Displayed on a Head Mounted Display with Position Automatically Adjusted by a 2D Marker  2020/11/29
4. Efficiency of Using Augmented Reality Technology in Training of Central Venous Access  2020/11/29
5. How to Build AR/MR Phantom for Interventional Radiology Using Medical Images  2020/11/29
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■ Research areas
Radiological sciences (Key Word:Neuroradiology) 
■ Awards & honors
1. 2010/11 Certificate of Merit (Radiological Society of North America)
■ Academic society memberships
1. The Japan Stroke Society
2. Radiological Society of North America
■ Education
1. Faculty of Medicine, Niigata University, Graduated,