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  遠井 素乃
   Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital), School of Medicine  Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Neurology
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Published papers
1. Original article  Atherogenic Dyslipidemia and Residual Vascular Risk After Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack. 2022/01
2. Original article  Characteristics and Prognosis of Stroke in Living Donor Renal Transplant Recipients. 2021/11
3. Original article  Effects of Pemafibrate in Patients with Stroke and Hypertriglyceridemia: Baseline Cerebral Artery Diseases and 3-Month Laboratory Outcomes. 2021/07
4. Original article  Localization of Infratentorial Lesion could Predict Patent Foramen Ovale as an Etiology in Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source. 2021/05
5. Case report  Diagnostic utility of PCR from paraffin-embedded sinus specimens for rhinocerebral mucormycosis complicated by internal carotid artery thrombosis and cerebral infarction 2021/03
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. Clinical Outcome of ESUS and Other Stroke Subtypes during the Acute Admission Period and in the Chronic Outpatient Clinic  2020/08/23
2. Ischemic Stroke Due to Varicella Zoster Virus Vasculopathy: Clinical, Laboratory, and Imaging Features  2019/07/05
3. Quantitative regional cerebral flow measured using I123-IMP SPECT and neuropsychological profile in patients with cerebral small vessel disease.  2019/07
4. Relations between echocardiography findings and infarct size in patients with ESUS  2018/05/17
5. A case of visual disorder prolonged after cardiopulmonary arrest  2016/05/15
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■ Research areas
■ Education
1. Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo Women's Medical University, Graduated
2. 2008/03/21
Degree Acquisition
Tokyo Women's Medical University,