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  立石 実
   Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital), School of Medicine  Department of Surgery, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Published papers
1. Original article  Computed tomography perfusion in patients of stroke with left ventricular assist device. 2021/01/08
2. Original article  Long-term follow-up of Fontan completion in adults and adolescents. 2017/06
3. Original article  Long-Term Follow-Up of the Conal Flap Method for Tricuspid Malinsertion in Transposition of the Great Arteries With Ventricular Septal Defect and Pulmonary Stenosis. 2016/07
4. Review article  Intravascular foreign bodies: danger of unretrieved fragmented medical devices. 2009/08 Link
■ Academic conference presentation
1. Long-Term Changes in Renal Function after Implantation of a Centrifugal-type, Continuous-flow Left Ventricular Assist Device  2018/03/25
2. Evaluation of acute cerebral infarction using 320-row area detector CT scanner in patients with implantable ventricular assist device  2018/03/23
3. Managements and Outcomes of Driveline Infections in Patients with Left Ventricular Assist Device  2018/03/23
4. Importance of physiological pacing on right heart failure in a case with left ventricular noncompaction and left ventricular assist device  2017/10/13
5. Effectiveness of sildenafil for right ventricular failure after left ventricular assisted device implantation: a
case report  2017/10/12
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■ Education
1. Faculty of Medicine, Kumamoto University, Graduated,