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   藤枝 弘樹
Associate Professor:
   本多 祥子
Assistant Professor:
   Komoike Kaori
   齋藤 文典
   Shibata Takashi
   須藤 則広
   早川 亨
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■ Published papers
Original article
1. Komoike Kaori, Saitoh Fuminori, Fujieda Hiroki:  Phosphatidylserine recognition and Rac1 activation are required for Müller glia proliferation, gliosis and phagocytosis after retinal injury.  Scientific Reports  :1488-1488 , 2020.1   DOI:
2. HONDA Yoshiko*, FURUTA Takahiro:  Multiple Patterns of Axonal Collateralization of Single Layer III Neurons of the Rat Presubiculum.  frontiers in Neural Circuits  13 (Article 45) :1-21 , 2019.7   DOI:10.3389/fncir.2019.00045
3. PARAISO Kitt D, BLITZ Ira L, COLEY Masani, CHEUNG Jessica, SUDOU Norihiro, TAIRA Masanori, CHO Ken W Y:  Endodermal Maternal Transcription Factors Establish Super-Enhancers during Zygotic Genome Activation.  Cell reports  27 (10) :2962-2977.e5 , 2019.6   DOI:10.1016/j.celrep.2019.05.013
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. ◎蒋池 かおり, 齋藤 文典, 藤枝 弘樹: The phagocytic and proliferative responses of Müller glia after retinal injury are driven by a shared mechanism in rat.  Society for Neuroscience,  CHICAGO, USA,  2019/10
2. ◎HONDA Yoshiko, FURUTA Takahiro: Axonal morphology of layer III neurons of the rat presubiculum.  Neuro 2019,  Niigata,  2019/07
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