Specialization Areas :  Clinical surgery
Name Department / Course Specialization Areas
   ARUGA Atsushi Medical engineering assessment, Medical sociology, Tumor therapeutics, Medical genome science, Digestive surgery
   MASAMUNE Ken Medical systems, Medical engineering assessment, Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems, Human interface and interaction, Dynamics/Control, General surgery
   Nagashima, Yoji Human pathology, Experimental pathology, Urology
   TABATA Tsutomu Obstetrics and gynecology
   TOMOHISA SHOKO Emergency medicine, General surgery, Emergency medicine
Name Department / Course Specialization Areas
   堀内 喜代美 Department of Breast, Endocrine and Pediatric Surgery General surgery
   KITAHARA SHUJI General anatomy (includinghistology/embryology), Experimental pathology, Digestive surgery, Medical sociology, Economic statistics, Politics
   Kazuyo Yamauchi Medical sociology, Orthopaedic surgery
Name Department / Course Specialization Areas
   長田 篤祥 Plastic surgery
   佐藤 暢夫 Anesthesiology, Emergency medicine, Environmental physiology(including physical medicine andnutritional physiology)
   Seino Yusuke Anesthesiology
   Shihoko Iwata Anesthesiology
   shinsuke sato Neurosurgery