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  Yoshihiko Watanabe
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■ Books
1. Chapter contribution  An atras of chronomes to map broad time structures, Noninvasive Methods in Cardiology 2013/12
2. Chapter contribution  Astro-glocal sptially and temporally (GLOBL & LOCAL) Comprehensive Health Watch Especially at High Altitude, SPACE WEATHER EFFECTS ON HUMANS IN SPACE AND ON EARTH 2013
3. Chapter contribution  Aeolian cross-spectral cosmic coherence enters medicine by glocal vascular variability monitoring, NONINVASIVE METHODS IN CARDIOLOGY 2012 2012
4. Chapter contribution  Cusum-assessed personalized hypotensive treatment surveillance, World Hert Reserch Yerbook 2012
5. Chapter contribution  Home C-ABPM for preventive and curative health care and transdisciplinary science, World Heart Research Yearbook 2012
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■ Published papers
1. Review article  Season's apprecatons 2015/03
2. Review article  Earthquake and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring 2014/11
3. Original article  Validity of salt intake assessment system based on a 24-h dietary recall method using a touch panel computer 2014/01
4. Review article  Report of the Salt Reduction Commitee of the Japanese Society of Hyopertension: (1) Role of Salt in Hypertension and cardiovascular diseases 2013/12
5. Review article  Diagnosing Vascular Variability Anomalies (VVAs), not only MESOR-Hypertensonion (MH) 2013/05
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. Chronobiologically Interpreted ABPM Screens for Excessive Double Product and Other Vascular Variability Disorders and Optimizes Treatment by Timing  2012/11/19
2. Chronobiologically Interpreted Ambulatory Blood Pressure Surveillance Reveals Antecedent of an Earthquake?  2012/11/19
3. Personalized Chronotherapy of Vacsular Variability anomalies (VVAs) Rather than Only Hypertension  2012/11/19
4. Updated Decadal Modulation of Aging Human Blood Pressure  2012/11/19
5. To Evaluate Chronotherapy of Losartan/Hydrochlorothiazide Combination Drug by 24h/7day ABPM  2012/09/21
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