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  山本 智子
   Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital), School of Medicine  
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Books
1. Chapter contribution  Multiple Functions of Fukutin, the Gene Responsible for Fukuyama Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, Especially in the Central Nervous System, Advances in Muscular Dystrophy Research - From Cellular and Molecular Basis to Therapies [Working Title] 2022/10/17
2. Chapter contribution  Ocular Pathology of Fukuyama Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, Muscular Dystrophies 2018/12
3. Chapter contribution  Molecular Targeting of Brain Tumors, Frontiers in CNS Drug Discovery 2017/03
4. Chapter contribution  Possible diverse roles of fukutin:
more than basement membrane formation?, Muschular dystrophy 2012/05
■ Published papers
1. Case report  Adenocarcinoma with mediastinal lymph node involvement developed from a pure ground grass nodule during 14 years 2023/04/14
2. Case report  Pituicytoma with pleomorphism: A case report with cytological findings 2022/08/30 Link
3. Case report  Differential diagnoses of calcified nodules in pulmonary amyloidosis: A case report 2022/08/29
4. Case report  Lung Cancer Detected by Chest Computed Tomography in a Fever Outpatient Department for COVID-19 2022/08/25
5. Case report  Ovarian serous carcinoma in which mediastinal recurrence of the cancer was resected 16 years after surgery: A case report 2022/05/23
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. Novel properties of fukutin in cultured astrocytes  2022/06/25
2. Epigenetic regulation of TERT through metabolic reprogramming contributes to aggressive phenotypes of pituitary tumors  2021/05/27
3. An autopsy case of ADPKD with multiorgan failure induced by infection of hepatic syst  2021/04/24
4. Transduction of cyclin D1 by osteopontin in papilllary thyroid carcinoma cell line TPC-1  2021/04/24
5. Clinicopathological study on renal cell carcinoma with tubulocystic architectures.  2019/09/27
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