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   Department   School of Nursing, School of Nursing  
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Published papers
1. Review article  Conceptual Analysis of Menstrual Disorders in Young Women 2021/10/30
2. Review article  A Study on the Papers of Menstruation Scales; The Development of a Scale for Menstrual Abnormalities 2020/10/31
3. Original article  A Multi-population Analysis of a Self-care Scale for Menstrual Pain; Causal Relationships between Snacking and
Menstrual Pain 2020/04
4. Original article  The Development and Relevant Factors of a Self-Care Scale for Young Females with Dysmenorrhea 2019/04
5. Original article  Development of a self-care scale for dysmenorrhea in young women 2019/03
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. An Examination of the Stability of the Self-Care Scale Factor Structure in Young Women with Menstrual Cramps
through Multiple Group Analysis  2020/02/28
■ Research areas
Lifelong developmental nursing 
■ Academic society memberships
1. 2018/09~ Asian Journal of Human Services(ajhs)
■ Education
1. 2013/04~2019/03 〔Doctoral course〕, International University of Health and Welfare, Completed,
2. 2011/04~2013/03 〔Master degree program〕, Graduate School, Division of Cultural Studies, The Open University of Japan, Completed,
3. 2006/10~2010/09 Faculty of Liberal Arts, The Open University of Japan, Graduated,