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   Department   Center for Medical and Nursing Education, Center for Medical and Nursing Education  Center for Medical and Nursing Education Division of Basic Sciences
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Published papers
1. Original article  Intermolecular Halogen Bond Detected in Racemic and Optically Pure N-C Axially Chiral 3-(2-Halophenyl)quinazoline-4-thione Derivatives 2022/04
2. Original article  Copper mediated defluorinative allylic alkylation of difluorohomoallyl alcohol derivatives directed to an efficient synthetic method for (Z)-fluoroalkene dipeptide isosteres 2011/05
3. Original article  Copper-catalyzed addition reaction of γ,γ-dialkoxyallylic zirconium species with imines 2005/11
■ Academic conference presentation
1. Reaction of 4-bromo-4,4-difluorocrotonate with glycine imine  2019/11/21
2. Reactions of 4-bromo-4,4-difluorocrotonate with glycine imines  2019/03/23
3. Summarization of the efficacy of the supporting project for junior and senior high school girls choosing science course related to the healthcare  2018/03/28
4. Synthesis of tetra-substituted pyrrolidine derivatives using 4-bromo-4,4-difluorocrotonate  2018/03/27
5. Cycloaddition reaction using 4-bromo-4,4-difluorocrotonate  2017/11/14
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■ Education
1. 2004/07/21
Degree Acquisition
Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science,