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  竹下 暁子
   School of Medicine School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital)
■ Published papers
1. Case report  Novel compound heterozygous EPG5 mutations consisted with a missense mutation and a microduplication in the exon 1 region identified in a Japanese patient with Vici syndrome 2018/12 Link
2. Original article  Outcomes in Term Neonates with Profound Asphyxia Diagnosed by Cranial MR Imaging 2013/01
■ Academic conference presentation
1. The cliniczl issues about the neurodevelopmental disorders in the vwry low birth weight babies  2019/06/01
2. A case with severe psychomotor retardation and diarrhea:Vici syndrome caused by EPG5 mutations?  2018/06/01
3. Developmental outcomes of very low birth weight babies with intraventricular hemorrhage  2018/06/01
4. The clinical study for the very low birth weight babies with posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus  2018/06/01
5. Outcomes in light-for-date neonates with very low birth weight by cohort  2018/05/31
6. Two cases of narcolepsy with unique cataplexy mimicking epileptic seizures on the long-term video electroencephalography  2017/09/03
7. Clinical Characteristics of West Syndrome (WS) in Infants with Perinatal Brain Damage (PBD)  2014/06/24
8. TRH therapy for 3 infants with a sequela of exanthema subitum-associated AESD  2014/05/30
9. TRH therapy for 4 patients with GLUT-1 deficiency syndrome  2014/05/29
10. Predicting outcomes of term neonates with profound asphyxia  2012/05/31