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  Kanno Toshiyuki
   Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital), School of Medicine  Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Gynecology
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Published papers
1. Case report  Ovarian metastasis from breast cancer mimicking a primary ovarian neoplasm: A case report 2021/07
2. Case report  Two primary cancers: Primary squamous cell carcinoma with extensive ichthyosis uteri and cervical endometrioid carcinoma: A case report. 2020/08/13
3. Original article  Application of gamma-delta T cells obtained by ascites filtration for immunotherapy against malignant refractory ascites 2019/12/02 Link
4. Original article  A novel MLH1 mutation in a Japanese family with Lynch syndrome associated with small bowel cancer. 2018
5. Original article  Laparoscopically Removed Streak Gonad Revealed Gonadoblastoma in Frasier Syndrome 2017
■ Academic conference presentation
1. Overian mature teratoma with nephroblastoma component showing dissemination:a case report  2019/05/10
2. A case report of uterine dedifferentiated carcinoma  2015/06/10
■ Qualifications & licenses
1. 2020/03/31 Certificate of Accreditation for Robo-Coc Pilot (Japanese Class B)
2. 2018/09/04 Certificate of da Vinci System Training As a Console Surgeon
3. 2018/05/20 Certificate of Basic course Instructor in J-MELS
4. 2018/04/12 Certificate of da Vinci System Training As a Console Surgeon
5. 2018/02/08 Certificate of da Vinci System Training As a First Assistant
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■ Academic society memberships
1. Japan Robotic Surgery Society
2. Japan Society for Endoscopic Surgery
3. Japan Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology
4. Japan Society of Gynecologic and Obstetric Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Therapy
5. Japan Society of Gynecologic Oncology
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■ Education
1. 2020/07/17
Degree Acquisition
, Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine