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  尾崎 弘展
   Department   School of Medicine, School of Medicine  Department of Physiology, Division of Neurophysiology
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Published papers
1. Original article  Ipsilesional spatial bias after a focal cerebral infarction in the medial agranular cortex: A mouse model of unilateral spatial neglect 2021/03/05
2. Original article  Accelerated outgrowth in cross-facial nerve grafts wrapped with adipose-derived stem-cell (ADSC) sheets 2020/08
3. Original article  Tonic GABAergic inhibition is essential for nerve injury-induced afferent remodeling in the somatosensory thalamus and ectopic sensations 2020/06/23
4. Original article  Prevention of denervated muscle atrophy with accelerated nerve‐regeneration by babysitter procedure in rat facial nerve paralysis model 2020/03/31
5. Original article  Layer-specific sensory processing impairment in the primary somatosensory cortex after motor cortex infarction 2020/02/28 Link
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. Interhemispherically dynamic representation of a visuo-oculomotor circuit in mouse frontal cortex  2020/07/29
2. The dysgranular area in the primary somatosensory cortex modulates nociception induced escape
behavior  2020/07/29
3. Role of the right frontal orienting field in visuospatial attention  2020/03/19
4. Area- and layer-specific distribution of nociceptive neurons in the mouse primary somatosensory cortex  2020/01/07
5. The area- and layer-specific distribution of nociceptive neurons in the primary somatosensory cortex of mice  2019/07/27
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■ Academic society memberships
1. Society for Neuroscience
■ Education
1. 2008/04~2011/09 〔Doctoral course〕, Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences, Osaka University, Completed,
2. 2002/04~2008/03 Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University, Graduated
■ Academic & professional experience
1. 2012/04~2014/08 University Tuebingen Researcher
2. 2009/04~2012/03 Special researcher of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science