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  西口 遼平
   Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Medical Center East), School of Medicine  
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Published papers
1. Original article  Dietary Fructose Alters the Composition, Localization and Metabolism of Gut Microbiota in Association with Worsening Colitis 2020/09/19
2. Original article  Colonoscopic-guided pinch biopsies in mice: A useful model for evaluating the roles of host and luminal factors in colonic inflammation 2018/09
3. Original article  Triple Synchronous Neoplasms in the Biliary Tract associated with Pancreaticobiliary Maljunction: A Case Report and Brief Literature Review 2018/06
4. Case report  Squamous cell carcinoma of the extrahepatic bile duct with metachronous para-aortic lymph node metastasis successfully treated with S-1 plus cisplatin 2016/12 Link
5. Case report  Rare complication after totally extraperitoneal endoscopic inguinal hernia repair: Small bowel perforation without peritoneal disruption. 2016/04
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 3/10-3/13, 2021  2021/03/10
2. Scientific Poster Session
Impact of preoperative subcutaneous fat on totally extraperitoneal repair  2020/08/12
3. Evaluation of prognosis and chemotherapy in patients with CY1P0 gastric cancer  2020/07/01
4. Psyllium protects against high fructose diet induced exacerbation of colitis and colitis associated colorectal carcinogenesis  2020/04/27
5. Laparoscopic Assisted Right Hemi-colectomy with Normograde Lymph Node Dissection  2015/09/03
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■ Qualifications & licenses
1. 2020/01/01 Board Certified Surgeon in Gastroenterology from the Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery
2. 2015/01/01 Board Certified Surgeon from the Japanese Surgical Society
3. 2009/04/20 Medical Practitioner's License
■ Academic society memberships
1. 2019/11~ Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons
2. 2018/10~ The Japan Esophageal Society
3. 2014/06~ The Japanese Society of Endoscopic Surgery
4. 2011/08~ Japan Society of Clinical Oncology
5. 2011/05~ The Japanese Gastric Cancer Association
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■ Academic & professional experience
1. 2016/03~2018/09 Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Medicine Visiting Fellow