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  MATSUI Kentaro
   Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital), School of Medicine  Department of Psychiatry
■ Published papers
1. Original article  Depressive and anxiety symptoms among Japanese cancer survivors: Japan cancer survivorship research project. 2022/02/22
2. Original article  Nightmares in People with COVID-19: Did Coronavirus Infect Our Dreams? 2022/01/24
3. Original article  Sleep and daytime problems during the COVID-19 pandemic and effects of coronavirus infection, confinement and financial suffering: a multinational survey using a harmonised questionnaire. 2021/12
4. Original article  Psychological burden of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder traits on medical workers under the COVID-19 outbreak: a cross-sectional web-based questionnaire survey. 2021/10/20
5. Original article  Social Jetlag Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Predictor of Insomnia - A Multi-National Survey Study. 2021/10/06
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. Sleep evaluation using electroencephalography and development of delirium in the intensive care unit  2022/03/19
2. Comparison of clock gene expression and melatonin secretion in intractable non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome before and after treatment.  2018/07/12
3. Prevalence of restless legs syndrome and its impact on daytime function in hemodialysis patients  2013/06/03
■ Education
1. 〔Doctoral course〕, Tokyo Women's Medical University, Completed