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 Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Primary Care and Diagnostic Medicine
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   竹村 洋典
   生坂 政臣
   南 太郎
Associate Professor:
   Shimamoto Ken
   KATAI Miyuki
Assistant Professor:
   志賀 智子
   Sekiguchi Haruki
Assistant Professor:
   近藤 奈々絵
   坂間 玲子
   佐藤 俊一
   佐藤 眞理子
   徳田 一紗
   新堀 智也
   村上 祐子
■ Summary
Department of General Medicine provides comprehensive medical care, rather than specialized care, for the individual, family and community. It serves coordinative function with medical and long-term care facilities in and out of the university to meet most health care needs of the patient. The scope of the department encompasses care for both sex, each organ system and every disease entity.
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■ Research grants & projects
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■ Research works
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