Homma Jun
   Department   Research Institutes and Facilities, Research Institutes and Facilities
   Position   Assistant Professor
Language English
Title Functional evaluation of aligned human iPS cell-derived cardiac tissue on micro-processed gel
Conference The 4th JCS Council Forum on Basic CardioVascular Research
Promoters 室原 豊明
Conference Type Nationwide Conferences
Presentation Type Speech
Publisher and common publisher◎Takuma Takada,Daisuke Sasaki,Katsuhisa Matsuura,Koichiro Miura,
Satoru Sakamoto, Hiroshi Goto,Jun Homma,Tatsuya Shimizu, Nobuhisa Hagiwara
Date 2020/09/27
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名古屋 (Online)
Summary Introduction: Cardiomyocyte alignment control is indispensable for fabricating functional bioengineered cardiac tissue for regenerative therapy. The aim of our study was to fabricate aligned cardiac tissue model with micro-processed gel and research the contractile properties.
Methods and Results: The micro V shaped grooves with the depth of 10μm and the interval of 30μm were processed on the surface of polydimethylsiloxane. Then the fibrin gel with the inversed micro V shaped ridges (VFG) was prepared using the micro-processed polydimethylsiloxane as a template. Human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hiPS-CMs) were seeded on VFG or flat-surface fibrin gel (control). Phalloidin staining and Fourier analysis were performed on day 7 for elucidating alignment of cardiomyocyte. The orientation index was significantly higher on VFG than control (1.5±0.07 vs. 1.2± 0.05, p<0.001, n=4), suggesting that hiPS-CMs were aligned more uniformly on VFG than control. Next, we evaluated the contractile properties on day 14. The contractile force and maximum contractile and relaxation velocity at the electrical pacing rate of 75 pacing per minute were significantly increased in VFG group than those in control group (0.9±0.5 mN vs. 0.5±0.3 mN, p=0.02, 10±6.2 mN/s vs. 5.3 ±3.5 mN/s, p=0.04, and 4.2±2.1 mN/s vs. 2.4±1.0 mN/s, p=0.02, n=11, respectively), suggesting the contractile function of human cardiac tissue was promoted in VFG group compared with control. Conclusions: The current strategy is useful for fabricating aligned cardiac tissue with increment of the contractile properties. It might lead to develop more functional cardiac tissue for regenerative therapy.