ARASHI Hiroyuki
   Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital), School of Medicine
   Position   Assistant Professor
Language English
Title Predictors of "Visual-Functional Mismatch" in Contemporary Practice -The Lesion Characteristics Associating With Mismatch Between Angiographic Stenosis and Fractional Flow Reserve.
Conference American Heart Association Scientific Session 2014(AHA)
Conference Type International society and overseas society
Presentation Type Poster notice
Lecture Type General
Publisher and common publisher◎ARASHI Hiroyuki, YAMAGUCHI JUNICHI, KAMISHIMA Kazuho, HARUKI Shintaro, OTSUKI Hisao, NAKAO Masashi, OKAYAMA Dai, SASHIDA Yukiko, Yuichiro Minami, Nobuhisa Hagiwara
Date 2014/11/17
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Chicago, USA