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Title ILEEM-survey on the Heart Team approach and team training for lead extraction procedures.
Journal Formal name:Cardiology journal
Abbreviation:Cardiol J
ISSN code:18975593/1898018X
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Volume, Issue, Page pp.10.5603/CJ.a2020.0106
Author and coauthor Starck Christoph T, Bracke Frank, Delnoy Peter-Paul, Freedman Roger A, Kutarski Andrzej, Gallagher Mark, Shoda Morio, Peyton Robert, Sohal Manav, Gadler Frederik, Sedlacek Kamil, Hartikainen Juha, Mazzone Patrizio, Breitenstein Alexander, Lever Nigel
Publication date 2020/09
Summary BACKGROUND:The Heart Team approach has become an integral part of modern cardiovascular medicine. To evaluate current opinions and real-world practice among lead extraction practitioners, an online survey was created and distributed among a pool of lead extraction specialists participating in the International Lead Extraction Expert Meeting (ILEEM) 2018.METHODS:The online survey consisted of 10 questions and was performed using an online survey tool ( The collector link was sent to 48 lead extraction experts via email.RESULTS:A total of 43 answers were collected (89% return rate) from lead extraction experts in 16 different countries. A great majority (83.7%) of the respondents performed more than 30 lead extraction procedures per year. The most common procedural environment in this survey was the hybrid operating room (67.4%). Most procedures were performed by electrophysiologists and cardiologists (80.9%). Important additional members of the current lead extraction teams were cardiac surgeons (79.1%), anesthesiologists (95.3%) and operating room scrub nurses (76.7%). An extended Heart Team is regarded beneficial for patient care by 86.0%, with potential further members being infectious diseases specialists, intensivists and radiologists. Team training activities are performed in 48.8% of participating centers.CONCLUSIONS:This survey supports the importance of establishing lead extraction Heart Teams in specialized lead extraction centers to potentially improve patient outcomes. The concept of a core and an extended heart team approach in lead extraction procedures is introduced.
DOI 10.5603/CJ.a2020.0106
PMID 32914862