Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital), School of Medicine
   Position   Visiting Professor
Article types Original article
Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title Myocardial ischemia from previously placed autologous pericardial roll conduits
Journal Formal name:Asian cardiovascular & thoracic annals
Abbreviation:Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann
ISSN code:02184923/18165370
Domestic / ForeginForegin
Volume, Issue, Page 29(1),pp.38-40
Author and coauthor Yuki Nakayama†, Takeshi Shinkawa, Ryogo Hoki, Kei Kobayashi, Masaaki Yamagishi, Hiroshi Niinami
Publication date 2021/01
Summary We report two cases of symptomatic cardiac ischemia caused by left coronary artery compression. One was a 16-year-old boy with history of the Ross procedure, aortic root aneurysm, and right ventricle-to-pulmonary artery conduit stenosis. The other was a 32-year-old woman with history of pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect repair and a giant right ventricle-to-pulmonary artery conduit aneurysm. In both cases, the left coronary artery was compressed by the previously placed valved autologous pericardial roll right ventricle-to-pulmonary artery conduit. Conduit replacement without direct coronary intervention relieved the coronary ischemia. Early diagnosis and relief of external compression avoided potentially fatal outcomes.
DOI 10.1177/0218492320953277
PMID 32819154