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Article types Original article
Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title Diagnostic magnetic resonance-urography in an infant girl with an ectopic ureter associated with a poorly functioning segment of a duplicated collecting system.
Journal Formal name:International journal of urology : official journal of the Japanese Urological Association
Abbreviation:Int J Urol
ISSN code:(0919-8172)0919-8172(Linking)
Domestic / ForeginDomestic
Volume, Issue, Page 4(3),pp.314-7
Author and coauthor Yanagisawa N, Yajima M, Takahara T, Nosaka S, Iwamoto T
Authorship Lead author
Publication date 1997/05
Summary We report on a case of an ectopic ureter associated with a duplicated collecting system in a 6-month-old girl. Results of conventional imaging and endoscopic studies, including intravenous pyelography, ultrasonography of the kidneys, cystoscopy, vaginoscopy, and vaginogram, were unremarkable. An ectopic ureter, extending from a poorly functioning upper pole of the ipsilateral duplicated kidney to its vaginal opening, was visible on the magnetic resonance-urogram. The imaging time was not extensive, and the need for patient sedation was minimal. Respiratory motion and intestinal gas did not interfere with the quality of the images. Magnetic resonance-urography may possibly be used as a primary diagnostic method for this anomaly when it is not detected by standard imaging techniques, or as a noninvasive substitute for some interventional studies in infants.
DOI doi.org/10.1111/j.1442-2042.1997.tb00198.x
PMID 9255675