AKIYAMA Yoshikatsu
   Department   Research Institutes and Facilities, Research Institutes and Facilities
   Position   Assistant Professor
Article types Original article
Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title Synthesis and characterization of new layered silicates in the system SiO2–NaOH–tetramethylammonium hydroxide–1,4-dioxane
Journal Formal name:Materials Chemistry and Physics
Abbreviation:Mater Chem and Phys
ISSN code:0254-0584
Domestic / ForeginForegin
Volume, Issue, Page 86(1),pp.112-122
Author and coauthor AKIYAMA Yoshikatsu, IKEDA Takuji, KAWAI Akiko, KIYOZUMI Yoshimichi, MIZUKAMI Fujio
Authorship Lead author
Publication date 2004/07/15
Summary Novel layered silicates (denoted as α-HLS, α-HLS-AN1, γ-HLS) have been synthesized by hydrothermal treatment from SiO2, tetramethylammonium hydroxide, NaOH, and 1,4-dioxane. The effect of the NaOH concentration and reaction time was investigated. With increasing the concentration of NaOH, the obtained silicate was changed from α-HLS to β-HLS, which was previously reported as HLS (helix layered silicate). X-ray diffraction patterns of α- and β-HLS were very close to each other but there was some differences in their structure and in the temperature stability.
DOI https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matchemphys.2004.02.016