Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital), School of Medicine
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Title An Easily Movable Hand Support Device Improves the Accuracy and Speed of Suturing Procedures: Concept and First Feasibility Study
Journal Formal name:Tokyo Women's Medical University Journal
ISSN code:24326186
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Publisher 東京女子医科大学出版会
Volume, Issue, Page 4,pp.17-23
Author and coauthor TAIRA Masakazudaga†, ASANO Hidetsugu, OKAMOTO Jun, ISHIKAWA Tatsuya, MURAGAKI Yoshihiro
Publication date 2020/12
Summary Keyword: movable armrest, microsurgery, surgical tremor, hand trembling, support device
Background: Hand tremors during surgery requiring precise techniques increase procedure durations and adversely affect outcomes. Most of the currently available devices used to reduce tremors during surgery are large, heavy, and expensive. This study aimed to develop and evaluate an easily movable hand support device to improve surgical outcomes.Methods: We designed and developed a new device comprising a hand support bar and foot switch. The utility of the device was experimentally evaluated by 11 neurosurgeons with a mean experience of 6.7 (range: 0-13) years. A patient model simulating puncture techniques of suture needles in superficial and deep cerebral vessels during brain surgery was created, and the accuracy of targeting puncture sites and the time required for puncture were measured.Results: The use of the newly developed hand support device resulted in a significant improvement in the accuracy of targeting puncture site in both, superficial (p < 0.0001) and deep (p = 0.0041) surgery conditions and reduced the time required to puncture both, superficial (p=0.0006) and deep (p=0.0527) targets compared to non-use of the hand support device.Conclusion: The newly developed hand support device has the potential to improve microsurgery outcomes by stabilizing hand tremors and reducing procedure duration.</
DOI 10.24488/twmuj.2019006
Document No. 2021267047