Department   School of Medicine(Tokyo Women's Medical University Adachi Medical Center), School of Medicine
   Position   Assistant Professor
Article types Original article
Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title Long-Term Efficacy of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator in Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot - Role of Anti-tachycardia Pacing.
Journal Formal name:Circulation journal : official journal of the Japanese Circulation Society
Abbreviation:Circ J
ISSN code:13469843/13474820
Domestic / ForeginDomestic
Publisher The Japanese Circulation Society
Volume, Issue, Page 81(2),pp.165-171
Author and coauthor HENMI Ryuta†, EJIMA Koichiro,* YAGISHITA Daigo, IWANAMI Yuji, NISHIMURA Tomomi, Takeuchi Daiji, TOYOHARA Keiko, SHODA Morio, HAGIWARA Nobuhisa
Publication date 2017/01
Summary ATP was highly effective in repaired TOF regardless of VT cycle length. Multiple ATP attempts could have an important role in VT termination, and the novel subcutaneous ICD without ATP capability should be used carefully.
DOI 10.1253/circj.CJ-16-0932
PMID 27941299